Alimentias was founded in Cádiz in 1999 with the aim to offer a selection of products from the Iberian Peninsula (Spain & Portugal) able to satisfy and delight even the most demanding palate.

Initially, Alimentias focused on dealing with cheeses. Nowadays our country offers all products of the Spanish gastronomy, such as charcuterie, specialities, oils and wines…

Alimentias represents the perfect combination of quality, vision, knowledge of each market and ample expertise in offshore trade and logistics.

Our head office is based in El Puerto de Santa María Town, Southern Spain.
The main warehouse and the logistic platform are located in Barcelona. Exports are coordinated from both the Barcelona and the Algeciras (Cádiz) seaports.

Our Mission
Adding Value
In Alimentias we do our best to offer a great range of specialties.
Our work is based in the search and constant innovation of products and services, as well as operating with highly regarded suppliers.
Our main goal is providing added value to our customers.

Our Position
Being competitive
Our shareholding and long-term agreements with suppliers allow us to offer our customers a wide range of deli specialties and high end services, we are able to satisfy any specific needs and requirements with the most competitive prices.

Our Goal
Expanding our markets and spreading our branden products all over the world.

Our Product Range
We are the second largest producer of P.D.O. Manchego Cheese. Moreover we produce iberico, Castellano and goat cheeses.

Our own brand and our company’s pride is Don Juan. We sell under this brand cheeses with Denomination of Origin such as Queso Manchego, Murcia al vino, Queso Mahón, Tetilla o Queso Ibores among others. Don Juan is also used for other types of special cheeses like Ibérico 33-3, Castellano, Queso de Cabra (goat cheese), …

Our prestige gives us the opportunity to collaborate with the iconic cheese makers from both Spain and Portugal. That allows us to have a leading position in the export of Spanish cheese with protected origin…

Alimentias also offers a wide selection of Gourmet Products of the highest quality (allioli sauces, Serrano and Iberian hams, other cured meats, preserves, spices, cheese accompaniments, etc.) that can be found on the most select tables of the five continents.

Most of our cheese have earned awards at The World Cheese Awards, The International Cheese Awards and The World Championship Contest, as well as in domestic competitions.

C/Arboleda Perdida nº2.
11500 El Puerto de Santa María.
Cádiz. España.